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Sociology Department

Department Profile

Department of Sociology established in the year 2008, is one of the initial Departments of the College with a Bachelor of Arts course with Sociology as one of the elective subjects. The Department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty with a vision to impart the knowledge of sociology as based on values of ethics and morality capable of providing right grooming and holistic development of the students. The faculty is striving hard to motivate more and more students to learn Sociology and attain greater understanding of different areas of Sociology. At Present the department has the strength of 23 students in DSC and DSE courses, and 13 students in GE courses.

Name of the Department Sociology
Year of Establishment 2008
Names of Programs/Courses offered B.A Sociology
Names of Interdisciplinary courses and the departments involved 00
Annual/semester/choice based credit system(CBCS) Annual
Participation of the department in the coursed offered by other departments 00
Numbers of sanctioned teaching Posts 01
Numbers of filled teaching posts 01
Number of sanctioned Non-teaching posts 00
Student Teacher Ratio
No of senior visiting faculty 00
Good Infrastructure, Qualified, motivated and competent Faculty with of a High Experience.
Enriched syllabi
There are number of books available in the main college library for sociology.


Poor communication skill due to rural background of students.
Lack of separate department and faculty room.
High Student - Teacher ratio.
Unfamiliarity to subject, very few schools offering sociology subject at Higher Secondary level.


P.G course.
To work with various NGOs.
Participation of government officers & Social Workers as the resource persons in the teaching of some chapters. To create awareness about various social problems among the students and the society. To participate in welfare activities

Future Goals

To start new courses in Sociology.
To increase the number of books in the library.
To increase the enrolment of students in the department.
The students are encouraged to take part in Seminars, Discussion to make them understand the topic better.
Encourage students to pursue higher studies.
Encourage students to prepare for various competitive examinations.


To introduce interdisciplinary courses. To introduce career-oriented courses.
To promote research activity.

Bhupender Kumar

Assistant Professor

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Program Outcomes :

  • Sociological understanding developed through sociological thoughts will help demonstrate social understanding of any social phenomena (for example – how individual biographies are shaped by social structure, institutions, cultural practices, etc.)
  • Ability to demonstrate critical thinking skills by analyzing and evaluating social, political, and/or cultural arguments across a variety of areas such as inequality, social problems, race, class, and gender.
  • Ability to understand and apply the tools of analysis and methods of sociology and their applicability to work and involvement in their community.
  • Ability to use sociological theories to explain social phenomena, social problems or issues, etc., and be able to make theoretically informed recommendations to address current social problems.
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Subject of NameProgram NameCourse CodeCourse NameCourse outcome
Sociology 1st year SOCL-A 101 Introduction to sociology Students were able to define sociology & demonstrate nature, scope &subject matter of sociology and importance of sociology.
Students gained knowledge about basic concepts In sociology like (Society, Community, Association, institution, role, status, Socialization.)
SOCL-A 102 Society in India Students got to know various perspectives of Indian Society.
It acquainted students to basic issues of Indian society like unity in diversity, problem of casteism, secularism and communalism
2nd year SOCL-A 201 Sociological theories It enables students to defines Sociological theory, understand its features & describe and illustrate the role of theory in building Sociological knowledge. Introduce themselves to the classical theories of Sociology and contribution of different thinkers in this regard.
SOCL-A 202 Method of sociological research It helps in understanding meaning, scope, types & Significance of Social research
SOCL-A 203 Technique of social research It enabled students in understanding Sociology as a Science, concept and steps in research.
SOCL-A 204 Sociology of environment It enabled students to explain the concept of Environment and Society & Environmental Society.
3rd year SOCL-A 301 Social demography It made them aware of Meaning, nature & development of social demography and its scope & importance
SOCL-A 302 Theories and practice of development Introduction of students to the concept, theories & factors of Social change and development.
SOCL-A 304 Marriage, family and kinship It imparted a Comprehensive study of the concepts relevant for understanding kinship, marriage & family.
SOCL-A 305 Social stratification It helped them understand the various theoretical perspective of Social stratification.
SOCL-A 307 Polity and society in India Students will be able to understand the concepts of political culture, Political Socialization influence of religion, caste, race & ethnicity on political process.
SOCL-A 308 Economy and society It enlightened them about various contemporary issues like Globalization and development.
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