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History Department

The Department of History at Govt College Bhoranj has a rich history, commencing its journey in 2002 with the introduction of undergraduate classes.

Tilak Raj

Assistant Professor

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Program Specific Outcomes

  • Understand the basic themes, concepts, chronology, and the scope of Indian History.
  • Acquaint with a range of issues related to Indian History that span distinct eras.
  • Understand the history of countries other than India with a comparative approach
  • To understand the background of our religion, customs institutions, administration, and so on.
  • Understand the present existing social, political, and economic conditions of the people
  • Analyze the relationship between the past and the present in history.
  • Think and argue historically and critically in writing and discussion.
  • Develop practical skills helpful in the study and understanding of historical events.
  • Develop interests in the study of historical activities relating to history for example collecting ancient art, participating in historical dramas, visiting historical places, writing historical articles, etc.
  • Prepare for various types of Competitive Examinations
  • Critically recognize the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of history
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Course specific outcomes

Sr. No.Subject CodeTitle of the paperSubject CategoryCourse Outcome
1. HIST (A)101 History of India from the Earliest Times up to c.300CE DSC-1A Perceive various sources to study Ancient History, know about the development &achievements of man in the Stone Age; Compare the history of Vedic period; understand the philosophy of Jainism& Buddhism; Understand the rise of Magadhan empire&Mauryan empire.
2. HIST (A) 102 History of India, c.300- 1206 DSC-1B Review significant socio- cultural developments during post Mauryan period; Trace the early history of south India during this period; Examine the general dynamism of cultural developments in ancient India
Sr. No.Subject CodeTitle of the paperSubject CategoryCourse Outcome
1. HIST1(A)203 History of India, c.1206- 1707 DSC-1C Understanding of Delhi Sultanate : analyze Mughal rule, administration, art &architecture; identify cultural synthesis; analyze Medieval South India
2. HIST (A)204 History of India DSC-1D Absorb fully each of the events that shaped Modern Indian History during the early phase of its modern times; Gather data on triggering factors that led to the coming of the European Nations to India; Observe the pattern of events that led to the uprising of individual states and the rise of Indian Nationalism ;Discern deeply how the Indian people struggled to attain freedom from Britain; Prove that Gandhi’s principle of nonviolence was effective force that led to the granting of India’s independence
3. HIST(A)213 Historical Tourism SEC-1 To develop an understanding of Historical tourism among students; to introduce the students to new trends in historical tourism; to prepare the students for careers in tourism industry. enable students to understand the different facets of heritage and their significance. It highlights the legal and institutional frameworks for heritage protection in India as also the challenges facing it. The implications of the rapidly changing interface between heritage and history will also be examined


4. HIST(A)216 Crafts and Artisans: Living Traditions SEC-2 To introduce students to Indian art, from ancient to contemporary times, in order to understand and appreciate its diversity and its aesthetic richness. The course will equip students with the abilities to understand art as a medium of cultural expression. It will give students direct exposure to Indian art through visuals, and visits to sites and museums


Sr.No.Subject CodeTitle of the paperSubject CategoryCourse Outcome
1. HIST 305 Modern and Contemporary World History I:1871-1919 DCE-1A good understanding of the term Imperialism and why did the European countries succeeded in establishing their colonies in Asia, Africa& Latin America good understanding of the concept of industrialization and capitalism understanding of as to how imperialism led to national rivalries and conflicts ; good understanding and knowledge of the developments that made the outbreak of the world war I inevitable Possess good understanding of the causes, events &results of Russian Revolution ; Understand as to why Russia’s participation in the First World War contributed to the Russian Revolution of 1917;type of war fare was used, and the peace settlements.
2. HIST(A)3 07 Modern and Contemporary World History I:1919-1992 DSE-1B Understanding the peace settlements after the end of first world war ;Understanding the rise of Fascism, the rise of Hitler, and the Nazi Germany Understanding the coming of World War II, the Axis victories and the allied victory
2. HIST(A)31 7 Indian History and Culture SEC-3 To familiarize learner with various aspects of the culture and heritage of India ; To acquaint learners with the contributions of our ancestors in the areas of religion, philosophy ,science arts education, language and literature To enable learners to appreciate the underlying unity amidst diversity in all aspects of India’s culture; To enable learners to appreciate the composite nature of Indian culture ;To develop among learners a feeling of love and a sense of belonging towards the nation
3. HIST (A)319 Introduction to Indian Art SEC-4 Students will be able examine the origin of Indian art in pre historic paintings; Will be able to trace the development of art t& architecture in subsequent periods till early medieval period; Critically examine the case studies of north &south Temples; Critically evaluate functions of art& architecture
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