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Public Administration

The degree program offered by the Department of Public Administration consists of Discipline Specific Core and Elective Courses, Skill Enhancement Courses, and Generic Elective Courses. This course helps to learn the basic concepts of Public Administration and its relevance in society.

Public Administration is a progressive and upcoming stream of social sciences. The Department of Public Administration has full-time courses for BA with a vision to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the system of governance, policy-making, and administration at many levels of government. Public administration as a subject has practical application job orientation and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Ashish Negi

Assistant Professor

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Programme Specific Outcomes :

  • Fundamental Knowledge : Develop a strong foundation of knowledge in Public Administration covering core concepts, principles, and theories in the discipline.
  • Interdisciplinary Integration : One will learn to apply principles and concepts of the discipline with an interdisciplinary approach to solve complex problems of society in general and administration in particular.
  • Skills Development : Develop a scientific temper towards dealing with the problems of society and administration and work towards inclusive growth and development.
  • Lifelong Learning : Inculcate a habit of continuous learning, Stay abreast with advancement, new concepts, and technologies in the field.
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Course Outcomes

BA I DSC 1A PUBA 101A Administrative Theory Introductory paper to acquaint the students with Public Administration to expose students the principles and practices of the subject.
BA I DSC 2B PUBA 102A Indian Administration Basic features of Public Administration which focus on some distinct constitutional authorities
BA II DSC 1C PUBA 201A Administrative Thinkers Introduction to the classical thinkers and their contributions.
BA II DSC 1D PUBA 202A Development Administration Highlights the main agencies like Niti Aayog, Panchayati Raj, Political Parties, Bureaucracy and their role in the development of the country.
BA II SEC 1A PUBA 203A Computer Awareness and Office Management Introduces basic components and features of computer and to give insight about office management.
BA II SEC 2B PUBA 204A Human Resource and Logistic Management Highlights importance of human as resource and movement of necessary resources and utility items for the need of the citizens.
BA III SEC 3C PUBA 301A Leadership Style and Conflict Management The course helps to inculcate leadership qualities to help and guide general masses and to resolve the main issues related to the conflicts.
BA III SEC 4D PUBA 302A Stress and Time Management The course emphasizes on stress related to increased work load in management.
BA III DSC 1A PUBA 303A Local Government Introduces the grass root rural and urban organizations and their role in the governance of the country.
BA III DSC 1A PUBA 303A Local Government Introduces the grass root rural and urban organizations and their role in the governance of the country.
BA III DSC 1B PUBA 305A Financial Administration The paper highlights the importance of role and function of the Ministry of Finance and other related institutions.
BA III GE 1 PUBA 307A Constitutional and Administrative Aspects of HP Historical aspects of formation of the state area wise as well as proliferation of administrative framework.
BA III GE 2 PUBA 308A Disaster Management Highlights the role of main organizations for disaster management like NDRF and NDMA and awareness and training of local people to manage disasters.

A graduate from Public Administration can explore the job opportunities in various administrative fields like civil services (UPSC & State PSC), Administrative jobs in government and non- government organization, various posts in central and state SSCs, private sector, etc.

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