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Govt. College Bhoranj Tarkwari, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University Shimla,
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India
GC Bhoranj

Fees &Dues

The fee structure is in accordance with the rules & guidelines of HPU & HP Govt.

Fee Structure :

Tuition Fee for Boys : Rs. 50/- pm
Tuition Fee for Girls : NIL

Details of Fees/ Funds

University Funds Annual Charges Practical Funds Per Month
Univ. Development Fund Rs. 250/- (500 for Nonsubsidized seats) Computer Science Rs. 20/-
Univ. Registration Fee Online Physics Rs. 20/-
Continuation Fee Rs. 10/- Chemistry Rs. 20/-
Duplicate Registration Card Rs. 800/- Zoology Rs. 20/-
Migration fee (Inter College) Rs. 300/- Botany Rs. 20/-
Admission Fee Rs. 25/- Music Rs. 15/-
Readmission Fee(first time) Rs. 100/- Physical Education Rs. 15/-
Sports Fee Rs. 15/- Geography Rs. 15/-
Holiday Home Fee Rs. 01/- Computer Practicals (Comm. & maths) Rs. 15/-

College Fund per annum Annual Charges Examination Fees As per University
Building Fund Rs. 120/- Furniture repair fund Rs. 10/-
Cultural Activity Rs. 120/- Identity Card Rs. 10/-
House Examination Fund Rs. 80/- Duplicate Identity Card Rs. 20/-
Magazine Fund Rs. 50/- NSS Rs. 10/-
Student Aid Fund Rs. 02/- Library Security (refundable) Rs. 100/-
Book Replacement Fund Rs. 25/- Computer & Internet Facility Rs. 20/-
Medical Fund Rs. 06/- Rovers and Rangers Fund Rs. 60/-
Sports Fund Rs. 240/- College Development Fund Rs. 10/-
Amalgamated Fund Rs. 300/- PTA Fund Rs. 300/-

Absence and other Fines :

Per period absence : Rs. 1/-
Absence from Practical : Rs. 3/- per practical
Absence from house-examination : Rs. 50/- per paper
Late payment of dues : Rs. 1/- per day
Late return of library books : Rs. 1/- per day

Students of BA/BSc/BCom will have to deposit their college fee and dues in two instalments. The amount to be paid in each instalment is given below :

For B.A./B.Sc./B.Com 1st year students :

1st instalment : to be paid at the time of roll on admission.

B.A. & B.Com. B.Sc.(Non-Medical) B.Sc.(Medical)
Boys : Rs. 1269/- Boys : Rs. 1509/- Boys : Rs. 1629/-
Girls: Rs. 969/- Girls: Rs. 1209/- Girls: Rs. 1329/-

For B.A./ B.Sc./B.Com 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students :

2nd instalment : to be paid in the month of November/December

B.A. & B.Com. B.Sc.(Non-Medical) B.Sc.(Medical)
Boys : Rs. 700/- Boys : Rs. 940/- Boys : Rs. 1060/-
Girls: Rs. 400/- Girls: Rs. 640/- Girls: Rs. 760/-

For B.A./ B.Sc./B.Com 2nd and 3rd year students :

1st instalment : to be paid at the time of admission.

B.A. & B.Com. B.Sc.(Non-Medical) B.Sc.(Medical)
Boys : Rs. 929/- Boys : Rs. 1169/- Boys : Rs. 1289/-
Girls: Rs. 629/- Girls: Rs. 869/- Girls: Rs. 989/-

The fees are subject to change as per instructions of HPU and HP Govt. whenever received.

  •  University Examination will be charged in addition to the above dues
  •  In case a student fails to deposit the college dues in time, his/her name will automatically get struck-off from the college rolls.
  •  If a student does not claim the refund of security deposits within one year of leaving the college his/her claim for refund shall not be entertained.
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