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Chemistry Department

Established: 2008
Number of sanctioned posts (Faculty): 03
Associate Professor: 01
Assistant Professor: 01
Number of lab staff (SLA/LA): 01/01
Number of Labs: 02

Number of Books (Reference + Text) for students consultation 410
Text Books 285
Reference Books 125
Journals: i) Current science ii) Science reporter


Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

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Mohinder kumar

Associate Professor (Chemistry)

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BSc Chemistry 2023-24   Download
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PSOs 2023-24   Download

At the end of the B.Sc. with Chemistry program, the students will be able:

  • PSO1 To understand the basic facts, concepts, fundamental principles, and theories in Chemistry and their relevance in day-to-day life.
  • PSO2 To gain knowledge of chemistry through theory and practical experiments.
  • PSO3 To develop research oriented skills.
  • PSO4 To understand the structure and properties of atoms, molecules, and compounds, and the characteristics and mechanisms of chemical reactions.
  • PSO5 To analyze problems and apply the principles or concepts in finding their solutions.
  • PSO6 To understand good laboratory practices and safety and to develop skills in the proper handling of sophisticated instruments/equipment and chemicals.
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COs 2023-24   Download
Course (UG and PG) (DSC/DSE/AECC/GE/SEC) Course Name Course Code Course Outcome Common Teaching Methods
Type of MethodResponse
DSC Atomic st. Bonding, General organic chemistry and aliphatic hydrocarbons CHEM 101TH Students will come to know about :- 1) composition of matter. Structure, function properties of atom and subatomic particals.
2) How atoms combine to form molecules and compounds.
3) Synthesis reactions and importance of aliphatic hydrocarbons in daily life.
Chalk & Talk Method [Yes/No] Yes
DSC States of matter, Chemical kinetics and functional organic chemistry CHEM 102 TH 1) molecular structure and properties of solid, liquid and gases. Effect on ideal and real gases due to change in temperature and pressure.
2) Rate of reaction, factors affecting rate of reaction.
3) Basic phenomenon's, effects, types, attacking reagents in organic chemistry.
ICT Tools [If Yes Give Name] Yes
Olympus Great learning program ( app for online teaching)
Online study material viz. Video, pdf, links
DSC Solutions, phase equilibrium, conductance, Electrochemistry CHEM 201TH 1) Conditions and composition for ideal and non-ideal solutions. Partial and complete miscibility of binary solutions and effect of temperature on their miscibility.
2) Conversion of chemical energy into electric energy and vice-versa.
3) Whether a particular reaction is feasible in a given direction under given set of conditions
E-Resources [If Yes Give Name] No
DSC Chemistry of main group elements, Chemical energetics and equilibria. CHEM 202 TH 1) Nature, properties, importance , abundance of these elements in earth and universe. Mobile Apps [If Yes Give Name] Whats app
SEC Basic analytical Chemistry CHEM 203 TH Resolution, separation, identification and determination of the Constituents of a given substance by some simple instrumental analytical techniques. College Library [Yes/No] Yes
DSE Polynuclear Hydrocarbons, dyes, heterocyclic compounds and spectroscopy (UV, IR, NMR) CHEM 301 TH 1) Orbital structure, synthesis, reactions and reactivities of polynuclear, heterocyclic compounds
2) Structural elucidation of organic compounds by different spectroscopic techniques.
Any Other Methods [If Yes Give Name] Demonstration method
Project method
Question-answer method
DSE Chemistry of transition and inner transition elements, coordination Chemistry Organometalics, Acids and bases. CHEM 302 TH 1) Geometry, preparation, reactions and properties of d- f-block, coordination and organometalic compounds.
2) Different concepts of acids and bases
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Lab Guidelines 2023-24   Download
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Time Table 2023-24   Download
Time Table 2023-24   Download
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