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Department of Physics

Department of Physics at G C Bhoranj College aims at imparting quality education to students. Physics is a science subject that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force. Learning Physics is important as it is one of the fields of knowledge that underlies the physical universe. Studying Physics develops scientific temper and encourages students to innovate in diverse research and technical areas. Physics is the basic science that underlies all of the physical sciences. With an increasingly knowledge based economy and the continuing need for qualified manpower in basic sciences in general and "Physics" in particular, there is an umbrella of opportunities for Physics graduates. This programme provides an excellent background for a wide variety of careers in science and technological fields and with a team of dedicated faculty and substantial infrastructural facilities; we make progress to achieve our goals.


The Department of Physics is committed to instill analytical thinking in students and make them compete and contribute to the varying technology- centered advancements in Physics with services to the society.


  1. 1. To provide a comprehensive undergraduate Physics degree program.
  2. 2. To inspire creativity and foster excellence by providing right academic ambience.
  3. 3. To encourage inter-disciplinary thinking by providing students with educational and research opportunities.
  4. 4. To support the developmental activities of the college and make the Department vibrant.

Faculty :

Name : Ravi Dutt

Designation : Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience : 21

Name : Naresh Kumar

Designation : Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience : 11

Name : Mukesh Kumar

Designation : Associate Professer

Teaching Experience : 23


Department of Physics has three labs in total. One of these labs is a computer lab with five computers in it. Computers in computer labs are typically equipped with internet access, and have access to printer and a scanner.

We have another two well furnished, large physics practical labs having a separate dark room for optics, and the lab also have electrical, electronic and mechanical experiments. There are more than 40 experiments and more than 60 apparatus for B.Sc. students. Various important experiments on Bar Pendulum, Katter’s Pendulum, Bending of beam, Polari meter, Moment of Inertia, Newton’s ring, Neon Lamp, P.N. Junction Diode, Laser (He-Ne), CRO etc are conducted in the laboratories. One of the lab also equipped with a Multimedia Presentation Podium Use the Multimedia Podium in lab, offers an easy access to a variety of presentation and animations equipment that is securely stored in one location.




Notable Students:

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