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Govt. College Bhoranj Tarkwari, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University Shimla,
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India
GC Bhoranj

Core Values

Government College Bhoranj (Tarkwari) upholds a strong system of institutional ideals and best practices that gives priority to gender equality, inclusiveness, and comprehensive student development. The university rigorously maintains these ideals through several efforts that encompass gender sensitization, women's empowerment, and a steadfast dedication to diversity. Promoting gender equality is a fundamental principle of the college-values demonstrated via various initiatives such as gender sensitization seminars, a specialized Women Grievance Redressal Cell, and empowering female students through leadership training and professional growth opportunities. The college's dedication in fostering gender inclusiveness and awareness is strengthened by the commemoration of significant occasions such as International Women Day and World AIDS Day. The college actively promotes and supports cultural, regional, linguistic, and socioeconomic diversity thus creating an inclusive atmosphere. UMANG Fest, AAGHAZ, and other cultural festivals highlight India's diverse multiculturalism by showcasing regional dances, promoting linguistic respect, and fostering communal harmony. The college proactively advocates for constitutional rights, duties, and obligations through educational activities strengthening democratic principles and responsibilities. The "Sparkle Initiative: Cultivating Cleanliness Awareness in Students" is an exceptional programme that highlights the college commitment to cleanliness and environmental responsibility. A range of initiatives, including campaigns and measures to reduce the use of single-use plastic, workshops, sports activities, counseling services, and community participation opportunities through NSS and other clubs, the institute ensures overall development of students at large. Notwithstanding significant achievements, enduring obstacles remain in the form of COVID-19 interruptions, sustainability of behavioral change, limitations in resources, and community engagement. To overcome this huge challenge, it is necessary to get financial assistance, educational resources, expert advice, and creative strategies in order to maintain and enhance the effectiveness of the projects. Government College Bhoranj (Tarkwari) serves as a symbol of forward-thinking principles, promoting a community that is inclusive, empowered, and ecologically aware. It persistently endeavors to overcome obstacles in order to achieve long-term growth.

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